Organizing is a pretty broad term, what specific services do you provide?

We offer a full range of organizing and efficiency solutions in addition to personal assistance services. Visit our services page to learn more.

What areas or cities/towns do you work in?

We work with clients throughout the Greater Boston area. While many are located in communities north of the city, we’ve also worked with clients in southern New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Do you charge hourly or on a per project basis?

This depends solely on the project on hand. However, we mostly charge hourly. We accept cash, checks, PayPal and credit cards.

Do your fees include the travel time and necessary supplies?

Again, this depends.  If travel time is more than 30 minutes, a fee will be assessed and added to the invoice. Supplies are also added to the invoice.

How long will it take?

Typically, we work two to four hour shifts, as many clients seem to burn out after four hours. We can provide you with an accurate timeline following an on-site consultation, as the duration of the job will vary based on the amount of work that needs to be done.

Are you just going to throw my stuff away?

Absolutely not. We will work with you and help you decide what items you want to keep and determine what items can be repurposed, donated or discarded.

Do you coordinate the packing and hauling of the soon-to-be donated and discarded items?

Yes, we handle the logistics and removal of all the items leaving your home.

How do I get started?

You can call 617-645-5655, send an email to betsy@bkorganizing.com or use our quick contact form to get the ball rolling. Following an initial phone conversation, we will arrange for a free consultation at your home.

SAQs (should ask questions)

Who needs a professional organizer?

Our clients typically include overworked parents, downsizing seniors, busy entrepreneurs, people selling their homes and small business owners, in addition to those going through life-changing transitions like marriage, divorce, illness, empty nest, moving or relocating,  a new job or a new baby. These individuals are usually looking for solutions when they don’t have the time, energy or just simply don’t know where to begin.

What are the benefits of being organized?

Aside from the immediate and tangible results – like re-discovering the color of your bedroom rug – the benefits of being organized are bountiful. Just think about how nice it will feel when you are able to:

• Lead a less hectic and more relaxed life

• Reduce financial stress by paying bills on-time

• Find more free time for family, friends and activities

• Stay on-top of important appointments and meetings

• Enjoy a healthier home that’s easier to clean

• Save more money by knowing what items you already own and how much you can afford to spend

• Feel more comfortable in your living and working environments


How will working with you help me?

We’re here to provide you with a new perspective on your home, office and other needs, free from judgment and with the utmost respect for your privacy. In addition to our guidance and expertise, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver encouragement and support to keep you motivated and focused right to the finish line. Think of us like compassionate coaches, helping you accomplish a specific goal while instilling in you the confidence and ability to maintain and sustain your newfound success.


What can I expect?

We understand the process can sometimes be harder for some than others. That’s why we begin with an initial phone conversation and free consultation. This not only provides you the opportunity to get to know us, but also gives us a better idea of the services you need and an opportunity to establish a clear and concise plan to accomplish your goals.

Things to Consider…

From www.orgjunkie.com.  I’ve wanted to touch on this subject for awhile now.  Consider your answers to the following questions:

Are you constantly late for appointments?
Are you constantly looking for things?
Are you unsure of your expectations?
Are you feeling increased stress and less energy?
Are you overwhelmed every time you try to organize or tidy up your space?
Are you anxious with all that needs to be done?
Are you embarrassed to invite anyone into your home?
Are you wasting money buying more of what you already have but can’t find?
Do you have too much stuff and no place to put it?
Do you have trouble putting systems into place and sticking with them?

Did you find your head nodding as you read through the list?  A Professional Organizer can help you create customized systems and solutions that work for you and your family.  He/she will assist you with what items to keep or let go of so you are only left with what you love and USE!  It can be positively invaluable to have some hands on assistance to walk you through making those tough decisions.  Your PO can also introduce new habits and routines that complement your new system and simplify your life.  Their experience can cut a job in half getting you from chaos to calm quicker than you ever thought possible.  Contrary to popular belief a PO will not just come in and make you throw everything away.  Remember, a PO’s job is to create systems and solutions that work for YOU.  Also you do not need to panic about someone seeing the state of your home.  I can assure you we have seen it all.  We are non judgmental in our roles and genuinely want to help you.