Organizing How-To: Donations

As you declutter your own homes during Covid-19, here are two ways to donate your household goods, including toys and Legos:

Give Back Box: Donate to a variety of charities by filling an old Amazon box (or any box) and printing a shipping label from this website and drop for FedEx to deliver. A win-win.

Lego Replay!: Box up used and unwanted Legos for repurposing. Print free shipping label here and drop at a FedEx Ground location.

Coronavirus Offers Opportunity to Organize

COVID-19 has rocked the globe as a serious outbreak. During times like these it is important to make sure areas of your house are not harboring bacteria and disease. Getting organized and doing an overall cleaning is a great first step to protecting your family against sickness. Check out these tips from Business Insider, who recently wrote on the topic:

And stay healthy out there!